What happens to the books I donate?

Every book we receive is sorted to find the best possible home for it. Some will be donated to literacy programs, Operation Paperback (for US Military), and other organizations. Charity book sales will be held to benefit causes such as the Red Cross, The American Cancer Society, and other worthy local and national causes. These sales will also benefit members of the Missoula community, as the prices will be kept low in order for everyone to be able to purchase books. Some of the books will be sold online to support our fundraising efforts.

Green Ribbon books is committed to finding homes for as many books as possible while helping to support local and national charitable organizations.

We are unable to accept encyclopedias, catalogs, newspapers, magazines, or books that are in poor condition. The better condition your books are in, the more you will be able to help out your charity.

It’s our goal to make sure that no book ever goes to waste.

Are you local?

Yes, we are based in Missoula. We live here because we are dedicated to the community and want to contribute to the local economy and culture. 

Why donate books to Green Ribbon Books?

Every book donated to Green Ribbon Books helps to support our literacy programs in one way or another. Because we are local and care about our community, we work with other organizations and charities to help distribute funds and books to where they will do the most good. So donate freely, buy books at our book sales, enjoy your reading and your good karma.