If you would like to help support our charity partners, please consider donating your excess books to Green Ribbon Books. Green Ribbon Books is making it easy for book-loving Missoula residents to give. Donating your already-read books is a creative and green way to support Montana charities. Here's how it works: We sell some of the books online and use the rest for our local book sales.  We share the profits from both online sales and local sales with our nonprofit partners.  They benefit by receiving increased revenue without using their time or volunteer hours.  The community benefits by being able to purchase inexpensive books at our book sales and by knowing that they are helping others.

With your book donations you are directly supporting our charity partners.  Please keep this in mind when you gather up your books to donate.  We are unable to take encyclopedias, magazines, textbooks over ten years old, records, or books that are falling apart or otherwise in poor shape.  When we receive donations of this type it uses resources that we would rather spend on helping our partners.

To donate your books, please contact us by phone at (406) 855-6721, or by email.  A representative will arrange to pick up your donation. 


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Green Ribbon Books is launching a drive to donate thousands of books to charities and non-profits in the Missoula area on a continuing basis.  We plan to make a regular route to ensure that all of our book recipients receive regular donations of fresh books.  We are committed to doing good in our community, and we can use your help.  If you would like to make a monetary donation to help with our outreach program, you may do so on the website.  This money will only be used for this program.  We are a non-profit organization and will provide an email receipt for any donations.